The S-Series Standard Leveller is equipped with an unique open lip hinge and enables an easy and smooth transition between the warehouse floor and truck. With the closed rear hinge, the 2 mm lip thickness is created by using a 80 mm long chamfer. During the loading and unloading process the leveller adjusts itself automatically to the changing floor height of the truck, even if the truck is loaded unevenly. With dynamic capacities of 6, 8, 10.5 and 12 tons is the S-Series dock leveller extremely versatile.

The SPL Leveller is the new version S-Series Leveller and is ideal and developped specifically for renovations and dockhouses. With the special front angle, the SPL can easily replace existing levellers without additional building changes.

The construction is unique with one central cylinder at the front for maximum safety, a self cleaning open lip hinge and all levellers wider than 2000 mm come standard with a tapered lip for badly centered trucks.With the unique open hinged lip accumulation of dirt is impossible. The construction is much stronger than a traditional piano hinge, therefore Stertil provides a lifetime warranty on the open lip hinge.

  • Safer and Stronger
  • Optimum Safety
  • User Friendly Control Box
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Unique Open Lip Hinge
  • Standard 7.5 degrees angle lip


The platform, beams and lip are made from high tensile steel (S355J0 / STEEL 52). Both the platform and the lip have a tear plate surface (8/10 mm and 13/15 mm respectively), making them suitable for 3-wheel forklift trucks. Pre-equipped with cables and cable tree between leveller and control box for a quick and fast installation.

Black Anti-Corrosion Coating and galvanised frame components protect the dock leveller against all weather conditions. The dock leveller is available in many different sizes and is an excellent choice for almost every dock situation.

Lenghts (mm) Working Range
(mm) above dock
Working range
(mm)* below dock
Frame height (mm)
2000 195 215 254 265 585 700
2200 190 220 235 395 585 700
2500 270 245 225 335 585 700
2800 295 300 215 370 585 700
3000 265 270 215 360 585 700
3500 360 360 295 295 700 700
4000 370 370 280 280 700 700
4500 335 335 275 275 700 700
Interlock Operation System

The dock leveller can be positioned perfectly using the three control buttons, and returned to the parked position using the standard auto park function.There are several advanced control options which provide additional functions such as door control, shelter control, automated interlock to prevent operation when the dock door is not fully open, and automatic door closure locking until the leveller has been parked correctly.

Optimum Safety, Installation and Maintanence

In case of premature vehicle departure whereby the forklift truck is still on the dock leveller, the automatic panic-stop activates. The leveller in most cases remains in operation even after a panic-stop situation. The emergency stop button on the control box can also be operated manually. During maintenance, the dock leveller is held safely in position by means of a special maintenance strut. When the leveller is in parked position, it is automatically supported by two cross-traffic safety legs.

The construction is unique with one central cylinder at the front for maximum safety, a self cleaning open lip hinge and all levellers wider than 2000 mm come standard with a tapered lip. Extra safety measures equipped are hose burst valve and an electrical emergency stop valve. Automatic Below Dock Control (BDC) is standard on all S-Series levellers.

The S-Series offers numerous possibilities customised to your dock for most efficient use. The length of the platform will primarily be determined by the height difference between the warehouse floor and the expected range of truck beds. Easy installation with the S-Series for both the base-supported frame (SP) in a closed pit, or the suspended frame (SF) in an open pit.