The Stertil EDGEDOCK Series mini-levellers are ideal where the height differences between warehouse floor and vehicle floor are minimal as in most cases with parcel distribution centres. The EDGEDOCK Series levellers have the same high safety levels as other dock levellers and garantuees a simple and fast operation.

  • Safety First
  • Low investment
  • High Capacity
  • Easy Operation


The LA-Series have dynamic capacity of 6.000 kg and easily manually operated by handle.


The HA-Series have dynamic capacity of 6.000 kg and is electrical hydraulical with a signle button control box.


For maximum safety and security, the EDGEDOCK provides 500 mm safety distance between the docked vehicles and mini levellers. EDGEDOCK is also operated by a single control push button.



Maximum safety and security with 500 mm safety distance between docked vehicle and EDGEDOCK. Platform locks in upright park position.

  • Ease of operation by one control push button
  • Compact modular design with a dynamic capacity of 6,000 kg
  • Easy installation and maintenance

The special open hinge lip construction is so strong that Stertil provide a lifetime guarantee for this component.